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Mon, 01/07/2013 - 13:25 -- admin


I just completed some clean up a website, Make a Difference Landscaping. Make A Difference Landscaping is located in Lee, New Hampshire. I built using Wordpress and the Skeleton Theme.  The Site is fully responsive, for multiple devices and screen resolutions. The Search Engine friendly, it has an image gallery, the site is also social network connected.  The Skeleton Theme is also availabe for Drupal at


Skeleton - Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Drupal Theme


2013 will see a big jump in responsive web technologies, everyone is walking around with an iphone or Android Device. The web has become prevelent across many different devices and screen resolutions. Websites must be built with a responsive design in mind. Wordpress has many responsive themes and Drupal also provides many different responsive themes. This Site is build on Drupal using Omega as it core theme.Omega is a fully responsive theme. Omega Theme is built by Theme Geeks of Manchester New Hampshire. Jake Strawn (himerus) is the Creator & Frontend Developer, Sebastian Siemssen (fubhy) is the Lead Developer . the module can be found at

Omega HTML5 960gs Drupal 7 Base Theme

I have also worked with Adpative Themes, another fully responsive theme for Drupal. It could be found at

Adaptivetheme - Built for Mobile with HTML5

Both Omega and Adpative Themes have great built in functionality.


If you need your website built using Drupal or Wordpress or another Content Management System like Dot Net Nuke, Contact 1A Holdings, we can build your site utilizing responsive web design.